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I'm back

2015-08-10 13:25:05 by Iceyarts

Sorry i havent been on here in awhile is kind of hard keeping up. I do have other accounts on different website. So I been drawing alot. Trying become a artist. Bascally learning at home. Meaning practice drawing, library books, youtube. Youtube has help me out alot. Thats how i found out about this website. Think it was from Jazza he is so funny.  He  is defintly one of my favorite artist.  Anyway hope you like my Jurassic World  fanart. Just finished it yesterday.  My digital is getting better. Thank you for reading this. Have a wonderful day


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2015-08-10 17:16:55

Hope you can become a good artist. Can't wait to see on how you've improved. C:

Iceyarts responds:

I can't wait either. There are alot of good of artist on here as well.