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Entry #4

What the heck

2015-09-29 10:57:36 by Iceyarts

I am so not ready for the cold. Yesterday was our last day of summer. This morning felt like 45 degrees now its raining. I am so not ready for the snow. plus im getting sleepy at the same time. I need to finish up this digital drawing i been working on. Hopefully she comes out ok. Then i can post her one here. So any way stay happy and health. Check out my art and tell me what u think.


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2015-09-29 11:08:12

...and yet your name has the word ice in it. One would think you loved the cold.

I like your little penguin pic. Did you take a picture of your screen? Couldn't you do a regular screen capture? Try checking out the art101 user page. There's a section on 'documenting you work' that you might fine helpful!

Keep on arting and... stay warm ;)

Iceyarts responds:

Thank you! I do like how the trees are covered in snow. They look so beautiful. I really like it when its warm.